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.cht (cheat files) for gPSP (GBA Emulator for PSP)

by PokeDude232425

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007 EoN.CHT
007 Nightfire.CHT
2-in-1 Paperboy.CHT
2006 Fifa World Cup.CHT
3-in-1 Centipede.CHT
3-in-1 Pong.CHT
Ace Combat Advance.CHT
Adv. Guardian Heroes.CHT
Advance Wars 1.1.CHT
Advance Wars 2.CHT
Advance Wars.CHT
Aero The Acrobat.CHT
Alienators Evolution.CHT
American Bass Chall..CHT
American Idol.CHT
Army Men Advanced.CHT
Astro Boy.CHT
Atari Anniversary.CHT
Atlantis Lost Empire.CHT
ATW in 80 Days.CHT
Back Track.CHT
Banjo Kazooie - Gruntys Revenge.CHT
Barbie Magic of Pegasus.CHT
Baseball Advance.CHT
Batman Begins.CHT
Batman Vengeance.CHT
Batman-Sin Tzu.CHT
Battle Bots D&D.CHT
Baulder's Gate DA.CHT
Blender Brothers.CHT
Boktai 2.CHT
Bomberman Max 2 Blue.CHT
Bomberman Max 2 Red.CHT
Bomberman Tournament.CHT
Boxing Fever.CHT
Breath Of Fire 2.CHT
Breath Of Fire.CHT
Britney's Dance Beat.CHT
Broken Sword.CHT
Brother Bear.CHT
Caeser's Palace Advance.CHT
Castlevania Aria of Sorrow.CHT
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.CHT
Chimp Chase.CHT
Chronicles of Narnia.CHT
Chu Chu Rocket.CHT
Columns Crown.CHT
Contra Advance The Alien Wars EX.CHT
Crash Bandicoot Purple.CHT
Crash Bandicoot.CHT
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.CHT
Cruis'n Velocity.CHT
CT - Special Forces.CHT
Curious George.CHT
Dark Arena.CHT
DemiKids Dark.CHT
DemiKids Light.CHT
Desert Strike Advance.CHT
Dexter's Lab DS.CHT
Disney Magical Quest.CHT
Donkey Kong Country 2.CHT
Donkey Kong Country 3.CHT
Donkey Kong Country.CHT
Dragon Ball GT Transformation.CHT
Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury.CHT
Dragon Ball Z - Legacy Of Goku 2.CHT
Dragon Ball Z Card Game.CHT
Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu.CHT
Dragon Ball Z.CHT
Duel Blades.CHT
Duke Nukem Advance.CHT
Dynasty Warriors Advance.CHT
Earthworm Jim 2.CHT
Earthworm Jim.CHT
Ecks Vs Sever.CHT
ESPN Winter Games.CHT
ESPN X-Games Skateboarding.CHT
F-14 Tomcat.CHT
F-Zero GP Legends.CHT
Fantastic 4 Flame On.CHT
Fantastic 4.CHT
Final Fantasy 1.CHT
Final Fantasy 2.CHT
Final Fantasy 4 Advance.CHT
Final fantasy 5 Advance.CHT
Final Fantasy Tactics.CHT
Final Fight One.CHT
Final Round Golf 2002.CHT
Finding Nemo 2.CHT
Finding Nemo.CHT
Fire Emblem TSS.CHT
Fire Emblem.CHT
Fire Pro Wrestling.CHT
Frogger Advance TOTF.CHT
Frogger Great Quest.CHT
Gadget Racers.CHT
Golden Sun 2.CHT
Golden Sun.CHT
Gradius Galaxies.CHT
GT Advance 2.CHT
GT Advance.CHT
GTA Advance.CHT
Gumby vs. The Astrobots.CHT
Gundam Seed Battle.CHT
Gunstar Super Heroes.CHT
Harry Potter TGoF.CHT
Harry Potter TPoA.CHT
Harry Potter.CHT
Harvest Moon FoMT.CHT
Herbie The Love Bug.CHT
Hey Arnold The Movie.CHT
High Heat MLB 2002.CHT
High Heat MLB 2003.CHT
Hot Potato.CHT
Hot Wheels BR.CHT
Inspector Gadget.CHT
Iridion 2.CHT
Iridion 3D.CHT
Jackie Chan.CHT
Jedi Power Battles.CHT
Jet Grind Radio.CHT
Jimmy Neutron.CHT
Jonny Moseley.CHT
Jurassic Park 3 DNA.CHT
Jurassic Park 3 PB.CHT
Kao Kangaroo.CHT
Kimpossible 2.CHT
King Kong.CHT
Kingdom Hearts CoM.CHT
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.CHT
Klonoa Emp Of Dreams.CHT
Konami Arcade Adv.CHT
Konami Krazy Racers.CHT
Lady Sia.CHT
Lego Bionicle.CHT
Lego Island 2.CHT
Lego Racers 2.CHT
Lemony Snicket.CHT
Lion King 1 Half.CHT
Loony Tunes BIA.CHT
LOTR The Third Age.CHT
Madden NFL 2005.CHT
Madden NFL 2006.CHT
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga.CHT
Mario Golf.CHT
Mario Kart Super Circuit.CHT
Mario Party Advance.CHT
Mario Tennis Power Tour.CHT
Mario vs DK.CHT
Matt Hoffman 2.CHT
Matt Hoffman.CHT
Max Payne.CHT
Mech Platoon.CHT
Medabots Metabee AX.CHT
Medabots Rokusho AX.CHT
Medal Of Honor Infiltrator.CHT
Megaman and Bass.CHT
Megaman Batt Net.CHT
Megaman BCC.CHT
Megaman BN 3 Blue.CHT
Megaman BN 3 White.CHT
Megaman BN 4 Blue.CHT
Megaman BN 4 Red.CHT
Megaman EXE 2.CHT
Megaman Zero 2.CHT
Megaman Zero 3.CHT
Megaman Zero.CHT
Metal Slug Advance.CHT
Metroid Fusion.CHT
Metroid Zero Mission.CHT
MI-Operation Surma.CHT
Midnight Club Racing.CHT
Midway Arcade Hits.CHT
Mike Tyson Boxing.CHT
MMBN 5 Colonel.CHT
MMBN 5 Protoman.CHT
MMBN 6 Falzar.CHT
Monster Rancher.CHT
Monsters Inc..CHT
Mortal Kombat Advance.CHT
MX 2002.CHT
Namco Museum.CHT
Nancy Drew.CHT
Naruto Ninja Council.CHT
Nascar Heat 2002.CHT
NBA Jam 2002.CHT
Need For Speed Underground 2.CHT
NES Classic Bomerman.CHT
NES Classic Castlevania.CHT
NES Classic Ice Climber.CHT
NES Classic Metroid.CHT
NES Classic PacMan.CHT
NES Classic Super Mario.CHT
NES Classic Xevious.CHT
NES Classic Zelda 2.CHT
NES Classic Zelda.CHT
NFL Blitz 2002.CHT
NHL 2002.CHT
Nicktoons Racing.CHT
No Rules Get Phat.CHT
Pacman Collection.CHT
Pacman Pinball.CHT
Pinball Of The Dead.CHT
Planet Of The Apes.CHT
Pokemon - Emerald Version.CHT
Pokemon - Fire Red Version.CHT
Pokemon - Leaf Green Version.CHT
Pokemon - Sapphire Version.CHT
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team.CHT
Pokemon Pinball - Ruby & Sapphire.CHT
Pokemon Ruby Version.CHT
Polar Express.CHT
Power Rangers TF.CHT
Powerpuff Girls.CHT
Prehistorik Man.CHT
Puyo Pop.CHT
Rayman Advance.CHT
Rayman Hoodlums Rev.CHT
Razor FS Scooter.CHT
Ready 2 Rumble Round 2.CHT
River City Ransom.CHT
Robopon 2 Cross.CHT
Robopon 2 Ring.CHT
Rock 'N Roll Racing.CHT
Rocket Power DS.CHT
Rogue Spear.CHT
Rug Rats CC.CHT
Scooby Doo Cyber C.CHT
Scooby Doo MM.CHT
Scooby Doo The Movie.CHT
Scooby Doo Unmasked.CHT
Serious Sam.CHT
Shaman King MoS.CHT
Shaun Palmer.CHT
Shining Soul 2.CHT
Shining Soul Dark Dragon.CHT
Shining Soul.CHT
Shrek 2 BFM.CHT
Shrek 2.CHT
SIFK Baseball.CHT
SIFK Football.CHT
Smuggler's Run.CHT
Sonic Advance 2.CHT
Sonic Advance 3.CHT
Sonic Advance.CHT
Sonic Battle.CHT
Spiderman 2.CHT
Spiderman MM.CHT
Spirits and Spells.CHT
Splinter Cell PT.CHT
Splinter Cell.CHT
Spongebob Square Pants.CHT
Spongebob The Movie.CHT
Spy Hunter.CHT
Spy Kids 2 Game Over.CHT
Spyro AotR.CHT
Spyro Season Of Ice.CHT
Star Wars AotF.CHT
Star Wars Episode 2.CHT
Star Wars Episode 3.CHT
Star Wars FotF.CHT
Star X.CHT
Street Fighter 2 TR.CHT
Stuart Little 2.CHT
Super Army War.CHT
Super Busta Move.CHT
Super Dodgeball.CHT
Super Ghouls n Ghosts.CHT
Super Mario Advance 1.CHT
Super Mario Advance 2 - Super Mario World.CHT
Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros 3.CHT
Sword of Mana.CHT
Tactics Ogre.CHT
Tak JuJu Challenge.CHT
Tales Of Phantasia.CHT
Tang Tang.CHT
Tekken Advance.CHT
Tetris Worlds.CHT
The Bible Game.CHT
The Hobbit.CHT
The Incredible Hulk RotU.CHT
The Incredible Hulk.CHT
The Legend Of Zelda.CHT
The Scorpion King.CHT
The Simpsons Road Rage.CHT
The Sims Bustin' Out.CHT
The Three Stooges.CHT
The Urbz.CHT
TMNT 2 Battle Nexus.CHT
Tom and Jerry.CHT
Tony Hawk Underground.CHT
Tony Hawk's PS 2.CHT
Tony Hawk's PS 3.CHT
Top Gear GT.CHT
Top Gun Firestorm.CHT
Turok Evolution.CHT
Tweety Magical Gems.CHT
Ty 2.CHT
Ultimate Spider-Man.CHT
Urban Yeti.CHT
Wario Land 4.CHT
Wario Ware.CHT
Wing Commander.CHT
Wolfenstein 3D.CHT
World Poker Tour.CHT
X Men 2 Wolverine's Revenge.CHT
Yoshi Topsy-Turvy.CHT
Yu Yu Hakusho TT.CHT
Yu-Gi-Oh RoD.CHT
Yu-Gi-Oh The Sacred Cards.CHT
Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials.CHT
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Academy.CHT
Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters 2006.CHT
YuGiOh WCT 2004.CHT
Zelda Minish Cap.CHT
ZoE The Fist Of Mars.CHT

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huge boner, cheers bro
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Humanfly have a big jar of Jam from me :)
Top Upload and many thanks
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nice man and thanks again.
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