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Alex Builds His Farm - Alex En La Granja (Spanish ISO) 1999 Playmobil Game

Help Alex become the perfect little farmer! Now you can interact with over 40 different characters in a realistic 3D Playmobil world. Visit the magical world of the Playmobil farm with Alex as he drives the tractor, assembles the farm buildings, rides the pony and much more.

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Felizpe View Profile
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4 days ago
This game is for 3+ Year Olds Child and I uploaded cause my children love it so please don't Low Rate cause it's certain that you as a teenager or adult will not have an appropriate experience, thanks!
mrpink999 View Profile
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4 days ago
This upload is complete with all patches and instructions
Nice upload++:D
ZX81v2 View Profile
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4 days ago
No worries on upload, Kids games are welcome as well as all the other types :) A lot of parents use this site :)


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